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Flight & design tests of SK-04 airplane

Flight  design tests of SK-04 airplane
25.12.2018 Category: Новости Views': 1464

Flight & design tests of SK-04 airplane have been completed (factory No. 02).
Certain improvements have been implemented in the plane which allow for better flight and technical performance of the plane with enhance flight safety and more comfortable crew accommodation:

  • 4th generation Jabiru 2200 engines are installed on it.
  • Welded engine-mounting frames are implemented to improve centering of the airplane.
  • Engine cooling air ducts are equipped with adjustable louvers.
  • Air filters of high flow rate (big area) are implemented.
  • Tail beam of the airplane has been reinforced and fin surface increased. Rudder design is modified - there is no horn balance on the rudder, but there is a counterweight.
  • Units fixing outer-wing panels to the tail boom have been reinforced and counterweights installed onto elevation rudder.
  • Wing tilt angle has been reduced.
  • Design of nose landing gear is modified.
  • Modifications have been introduced to Control System design.
  • Ventilation and Heating system with an independent heater is installed.

Honored test pilots of Russia Gennadiy Voronov and Honored military pilot of Russia Alexander Gornov took part in the test flights. According to the findings, takeoff and landing performance, stability, control and maneuverability of the airplane in all ranges of its weight, balance and speed are acceptable, flying is comfortable, the airplane can be handled by a pilot of any proficiency level.

Velocity properties of the plane have been improved: cruising speed increased to 170 km/h, maximum speed of level flight increased to 200 km/h, while its flying range is extended to 850 km.

The plane is currently being prepared for sale. Estimated price of the plane in its existing package is around 8 million rubles. Additional equipment can be installed based on particular demands of customers.

Flight TV showed a story of plane tests