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Tests of the SK-01 aircraft”

Tests of the SK-01 aircraft”
19.10.2020 Category: Новости Views': 1775

Received a Certificate of airworthiness on the SAS "SK-01".

Flight design tests of the aircraft in the AHR configuration by the UMO method have been successfully completed. The declared flight characteristics of the aircraft have been confirmed.

The aircraft was tested with a container with video monitoring equipment installed instead of a chemical tank.

Tests have shown the equipment operability and good quality of the received information when using the SHS "SK-01" as a carrier of equipment for video monitoring of the earth's surface.

Thus, the SK-01 aircraft can be successfully used not only for AHR, but also when installing special equipment for video monitoring (aerial photography, overflight of gas and oil pipelines, power lines, highways, nature protection facilities, etc.).