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place Building A, 18th km of Moscow Highway, Samara city, Russia
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Who we are

Silver Wings Ltd. is one of the leading Russian enterprises in the field of development and manufacture of light airplanes. The Company has produced and released into operation over 120 units of aircrafts of various types over the time of its existence.

Main lines of the Company's activities are:

  • aircraft design;
  • aircraft manufacture;
  • aircraft repair.

Here is some information about development of our Company for those who are not well aware of us yet.
Here it is.

Most of light aviation lovers know the company Hydroplane Ltd. and its products: Corvette amphibian airplanes of various package versions, multi-purpose Cicada, Cicada-M and Cicada-4 planes.

Hydroplane Ltd. was founded in 1995 as an enterprise for development and production of light airplanes.

Corvette amphibian airplane was the main initial project of Hydroplane Ltd. In 2001, after certification by Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee had been completed, Type Certificate No. ST 202 Corvette was issued for standard design of Corvette amphibian airplane, and Supplement to the Type Certificate No.ST 202.Corvette/D1 was issued in 2006.
Since 1997, Hydroplane Ltd. has had multi-purpose Cicada in production, which has undergone a number of modernizations over these years.

Manufacturing facilities of the Company are based on its own production sites. The level of our production capabilities is witnessed by the fact that Certificate of Series Production Approval No.OP 87-PVS/Corvette was issued in 2005 for Corvette amphibian airplane by Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee.

Hydroplane Ltd. is an owner of design documentation on Corvette hydroplane, Cicada airplane and their modified versions.
The decision to set up Silver Wings Ltd. was made in 2011, due to changes in the list of the Company's founders, in order to have it as a parallel structure which could participate in governmental tenders for development of new aircraft samples using resources of Hydroplane Ltd.

Agreement on Cooperation in the field of aircraft development and manufacture was signed between Hydroplane Ltd. and Silver Wings Ltd. in 2013.

Hydroplane Ltd. is currently a holder of product and process design documentation on the developed samples of airplanes and an owner of production sites and facilities for aircraft manufacture. As for Silver Wings Ltd., it continues production of airplanes developed by Hydroplane Ltd. under the agreement and works on design of new aircraft prototypes. Re-branding of the Company has actually been performed while keeping the design and production capabilities and development expertise.

New prototypes of airplanes have been developed and tested in addition to the existing Corvette and Cicada-M projects over the past few years:

  • super-light special-purpose SK-01 plane for chemical aerial applications using ultra-fine atomizing method;
  • light four-seat SK-04 plane – as further development of Cicada-4 planes.

So, today Silver Wings Ltd. is an industrial enterprise producing the following aviation products: Corvette, Cicada, SK-04 and SK-01 airplanes and their modified versions.

General Director of Silver Wings Ltd. — Valeriy Andreev

Chief Design Engineer of Silver Wings Ltd. — Vladimir Sorokin

Production Director of Silver Wings Ltd.— Valeriy Neizvestnykh