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настраивается в лексиконах, настраивается в лексиконах
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настраивается в лексиконах
place Building A, 18th km of Moscow Highway, Samara city, Russia
access_time Work mode: from 8-00 to 17-00, sat-sun - day off
Corvette -
a light amphibian airplane
Corvette amphibian plane has proved itself to be a reliable, easy-to-handle plane, inexpensive in service
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Cicada -
multi-purpose light airplane
Cicada airplane was developed as multi-purpose two-seat light airplane with package for potential chemical application.
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SK-01 -
special-purpose VLA for chemical aerial applications
SK-01 plane was developed as a special-purpose airplane for chemical aerial applications with ultra-fine atomizing.
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SK-04 -
four-seat light airplane
Body bulkhead frame has been changed to allow for more comfortable accommodation of four persons (pilot and passengers) inside the cockpit.
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Main directions of the company
Silver Wings company has ability and willingness to perform the following scope of work for you:
Manufacture of aircrafts
Manufacture of aircrafts
Today Silver Wings a full-cycle aircraft plant located at its own production premises...
Repair of aircrafts
Repair of aircrafts
The main purpose of aircraft repair is to identify any defects or malfunctions...
Test bench
Test bench
The Aviation Company Silver Wings Ltd. has its own test bench for general aviation engines...
Composite material
Composite material
Silver Wings Company has a lot of experience of work with composite materials (glass fiber)...
Silver Wings Ltd., Samara city - production of light airplanes
Silver Wings Ltd. is one of the leading Russian enterprises in the field of development and manufacture of light airplanes.
We will be happy to design an airplane for You, or repair your aircraft equipment.
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Why Silver Wings Ltd.?
By working with us, you get the best conditions, quality and prices from a direct manufacturer with full warranty obligations and no extra charges
more than 20 years on the market
we have our own production sites
own development of 4 aircraft
we send our planes all over the world

Silver Wings Ltd.

Silver Wings Ltd. is one of the leading Russian enterprises in the field of development and manufacture of light airplanes. The Company has produced and released into operation over 120 units of aircrafts of various types over the time of its existence.

Main lines of the Company's activities are:

  • aircraft design;
  • aircraft manufacture;
  • aircraft repair.