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Cicada - multi-purpose light airplane

Cicada - multi-purpose light airplane

Cicada airplane was developed as multi-purpose two-seat light airplane with package for potential chemical application.
The plane was designed based on unified sub-systems of Corvette amphibian airplane, which made it possible to reduce the costs of development, production preparation and manufacture of the airplanes substantially.

The first Cicada was made by Hydroplane Ltd. in 1997. This plane is still in service. Totally, 8 airplanes of this type were produced, which were used for chemical aerial applications, passenger and cargo transportation, basic training and monitoring tasks.

Based on results of first planes operation, an upgrade was performed in 2007, in the course of which the plane got a new, more streamlined body, landing gear design was modified, new and more powerful Jabiru 2200 engines were installed, thus increasing takeoff weight and carrying capacity of Cicada-M.

Operational experience demonstrated efficiency of this design of the airplane for chemical aerial applications.

The two engines are mounted on the center section in the way that ensures sufficient control over the plane with flight control surfaces in case of failure of one engine, reserve power of one engine being sufficient to continue the flight. This allows for increased flight safety, in particular, for using the plane for chemical treatment of rice bays and woodlands.

Efficient blowing of wings by air screws allows to reduce takeoff speed and to shorten takeoff distance.

Plane package provides for compliance with passive restraint requirements for its pilot in emergency situations thanks to reinforced cockpit frame made of composite materials, mounting of engine in front of the cockpit in the center section, location of fuel tanks in the center section, installation of chemical tank under the cockpit and application of reliable four-point safety belts system.

Chemical tank with capacity of 270 liters is integrated into the plane design, which allows for substantial increase of chemicals atomizing efficiency.

Cicada-M became a basis for a number of 4-seat locally modified trial versions: Cicada-M3 and Cicada-4, which are used for passenger and cargo transportation and for monitoring tasks.

Total number of Cicada-M ...Cicada-4 planes produced is 13.

A new modified version - Cicada-SK- has been offered by Silver Wings Ltd. since 2017.

This plane model has a modified body reinforcement allowing to accommodate the crew inside the plane cockpit with increased comfort. Rudder design has been changed with a mass balance installed instead of horn balance compensation system. Fixation of horizontal fin to the tail boom and the tail boom itself have been reinforced. New wingtips are put onto the wings. An adjustable lever-action front gear leg is installed with main pyramidal legs equipped with air-oil dampers, for plane operation at poorly prepared sites. Main landing wheels are equipped with hydraulic brakes. Airplane control system has been modified.

These improvements provide for better flight and technical performance of the plane.

General information

Cicada-SK multi-purpose light airplane belongs to the class of light civil aircrafts for standard general-purpose aviation. Requirements of plane airworthiness standards AP-23 and FAR-23 were taken in account in the plane design.

Cicada-SK is a two-seat plane with straight rigidly-braced wing of parasol type and classic empennage.

Powertrain consists of two Jabiru-2210 engines with tractor rotor. The engines are four-stroke four-cylinder ones with air cooling system. Two-blade wooden propellers are made by Silver Wings Ltd.

Landing gears are adjustable lever-action front gear leg with main pyramidal legs equipped with air-oil dampers. Main leg wheels are equipped with hydraulic shared braking system.

The plane can be used for chemical aerial applications, as well as for:

  • passenger and cargo transportation;
  • training and exercise flights;
  • inspections and environmental monitoring;
  • aerial photography and area surveying;
  • air patrol of rail roads, motorways, oil and gas piping and power transmission lines.

Airplane package ensures that the crew have comfortable access to and accommodation in the cockpit and good visibility in operational directions.

Cargo compartment, which has the room for 270-liter tank for liquid chemicals, special equipment installed under wings, extremely efficient working speed for low-level run and low specific fuel consumption allow for efficient applications of the airplane in agriculture, forestry areas, for low-volume chemical treatment of fields and woodlands.

In cargo version of the plane the compartment is covered by a aerodynamic shroud, under which up to 250-kg cargo can be placed for transportation or special equipment for monitoring applications can be installed.

Main characteristics of the airplane:

Maximum takeoff weight, kg 950
Weight of empty equipped plane, kg 500…520*
Fuel weight (2х60 l), kg 93
Crew, persons 1+1
Maximum speed of level flight, km/h 170
Cruising speed, km/h 140
Stall speed with in-flight configuration, km/h 70
Initial climb, m/s 6
Flight distance, km 700
Operational overload range +3.8/ -1.5 (-0.5 by engine)
Takeoff distance / field length, m 150/250
Landing distance / field length, m 200/300
Range of operational temperatures, °С -17… +40 (by engine)
Wind velocity: - front wind, m/s 15
         - back wing, m/s 6
         - side wind, m/s 6
Runway soil strength, kg/cm2 at least 4
Engines 2 units JABIRU-2210
Power, hp 85
Fuel type 95 RON
Average hourly fuel consumption, l/h 11…13

*- depending on equipment package

Plane package version

Basic package version:

  • airframe assy;
  • powertrain: two cowled Jabiru 2210 engines with two-blade rotors;
  • control system: dual system with opportunity to remove the RH control board, mechanical flap deployment;
  • landing gears: adjustable front gear leg with pyramidal main legs, hydraulic shared braking system;
  • equipment for chemical aerial application: 270-liter tank with chemical level indicator, hangers for chemical equipment;
  • instrumentation (one set of instruments as per air service rules): speed pointer, climb indicator, altitude display, bank indicator, magnet compass, fuel tank level indicator;
  • cockpit equipment: two hard seats for pilots with pilot’s four-point harness, cockpit ventilation with ambient air;
  • plane trim/ decoration: white painting of the plane, grey painting of inner surfaces;
  • operational documentation: Flight Crew Operation Manual, Operation Manual, aircraft log-book, engine log book, components certificates, weighing, rigging and control system adjustment reports.

In addition to the basic equipment package, the plane design can be modified for installation of additional equipment, with a limited set of supplement options.

Supplement options:

  • equipment for chemical aerial application: stands, atomizers, pumps, control instrumentation, hoses, fittings (type and contents of the equipment to be defined by customer);
  • instruments: second set of instruments as per air service rules (of any contents), combined instrument (horizon indicator+compass), radio station (aerial+headset), fuel computer, ampere meter, clock;
  • control system: electric pitch trim;
  • equipment: self-contained heater unit (cockpit ventilation + heating), lighting equipment (landing headlamp, navigation lights, instrument illumination, cockpit lamps), socket to connect aerodrome- supplied power line, adjustable louvers in Jabiru 2210 engine air ducts;
  • landing gears: skis for main and nose landing gears;
  • cockpit equipment: soft pilot’s seats, additional cockpit trimming;
  • cargo compartment; aerodynamic shroud, cargo retaining harness;
  • aerodrome equipment: rudder screw clamps, set of covers, chocks, tool kit for plane and engine service;
  • airplane painting; customized painting, with logos and state license numbers.
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