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Test bench

Test bench

Silver Wings Ltd. is one of the leading Russian enterprises in the field of light aviation. One of areas of our activities, in addition to the main ones (development and manufacture of aircrafts), is repair, preparation and carrying-out of comprehensive tests of engines (powertrain) for general aviation.

A test bench is certainly required for this (test bench for trial of aircraft piston engines).

The test bench for engines (powertrain) of general aviation aircrafts allows us to do the following:

  • pick up performance characteristics of propellers (both traction and pushing types);
  • powertrain running-in;
  • powertrain adjustment in connection with other systems (fuel, intake, oil, etc.)
  • selection of airscrews (including controllable-pitch propellers both traction and pushing types);
  • other operations depending on request by aircraft operator.

Test bench for general aviation powertrain developed by Aviation Company Silver Wings Ltd. allows to work with powertrain units having power of up to 150 h.p. (e.g. ROTAX 502, ROTAX 582, Jabiru 2200, HKS700E, etc.).

This test bench for general aviation engines (powertrain) provides for accuracy of propeller traction measurement with error of 1 kg.

Today the Aviation Company Silver Wings Ltd. has its own test bench for general aviation engines (powertrain) of its own original design, but also offers building of a customized test bench for general aviation engines (powertrain) to meet your particular requirements.

Test bench for general aviation engines (powertrain) developed bySilver Wings Ltd. allows for measuring the following parameters:

  • traction;
  • torque;
  • fuel consumption;
  • service life;
  • other parameters of engine (powertrain) for general aviation to be agreed with the customer.

Test bench dimensions:

  • length– 2200 mm.
  • width – 1060 mm.
  • height – 1860 mm (with engine mount frame for JABIRU 2200).

Dimensions can be different from the above according to customer’s Technical Assignment.

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