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Composite material

Composite material

Silver Wings Company has a lot of experience of work with composite materials (glass fiber). As we have been producing our airplanes since 1993, and major share of them is made of composite materials (glass and carbon fibers), there is no wonder that we have accumulated huge experience in works with these composite materials.
Composite material is an artificially created non-homogeneous solid material consisting of two or more components with clear border dividing them.  In most of composite materials (except for laminar ones) their components can be divided into substrate (binding component) and reinforcing elements inside it (fillers).

In composite materials intended for structures, the reinforcing elements usually provide for required mechanical properties of the material (strength, rigidness, etc.), while substrate ensures that the reinforcing elements work together and are protected form mechanical damage and aggressive chemical environment. Mechanical behavior of the composition is defined by inter-relation of properties of the reinforcing elements and the substrate, as well as by strength of bonds between them. Characteristics of products made, as well as their properties, depend on choice of incoming ingredients and technology of their combination.

Hereinafter, when mentioning composite materials (glass and carbon fibers) we will assume the material consisting of various kinds of glass fibers as reinforcing material (glass-fiber mat, fiber-glass fabric, carbon-fiber fabric, etc.) and other resins (epoxy, polyester and other types). At the same time, we should remember that not every reinforcing material is suitable for all binding components. They cannot provide for required expected properties unless they really match.

Having such a huge experience in composite material solutions, we support our customers and partners in manufacture of various parts of composite materials (glass fibers, carbon fibers, polyester resins, epoxy resins, etc.).

Under order by one of other Partners, 69 TONS Company, we produced a batch of composite (glass fiber) wheel arch covers for trucks. High-hardness gelcoat was used by us as a decorative and protective layer. First tests on Freightliner Coronado vehicles already demonstrated excellent consumer effect of our wheel-arch covers.

More examples of our work with composite materials, with carbon this time

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